Rape in Iranian Prisons

I was reading a blog from Iran and I was shocked, disappointed and in utter disbelief to read a blogger comment on rape in Iranian prisons. He believes that rape has been much harsher for men than women due to the fact that women are raped by opposite sex and men by the same sex. This made me sick to my stomach. How dare he claims such a thing and how dare he decides on behalf of those women who have been raped. Rape is a brutal violent crime. How dare he lessens this crime done to females as their male counterparts. How backwards can a person be to think this way. shame on him. With friends like these I guess women don’t need enemies.

It is unfortunate but a fact. We live in a chauvinistic society where what is done to women does not count as much as what is done to men. Women were raped during the Shah’s regime and right after the revolution under the Islamic regime, everyone knew it, but men kept quiet. When women got divorced, they had no rights to their children and it was taken by the husbands and raised by a woman other than their own mother, again men chose silence. Women counted as 1/2 for inheritance and witnesses as men, but men still kept quiet. I am sorry that it had to take a heinous vilolent crime such as rape and sodomy done to these innocent young men, to break this silence. Iranian women have been suffering for a long time and it is time for the brave Iranian women to be recognized as equal partners to their male counterparts and to stop discrimination against them. Anything but, would be reactionary.


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