Religion, Mohammad, Crime, Humanity and Messengers of God

Religion is about money, control and power. No institution has made more money than religion in the history of mankind and no institution has killed more people than religion, including the mafia. Examine the history of Africa, Latin America (Incas were wiped out by the conquistadors and disease brought to them and Africans were converted by missionaries who grabbed their lands) and the middle-east, well you know the story which is still ongoing. It is ironic that all these religions claim that they have brought peace to this world but they have caused nothing but death and destruction. No one has spoken to god or anything like that but some con men have made us believe this is the case and if we believe this, then we deserve every misery that religion has brought us.

Look at all religions of the world and their claims. Moses who was a Sheppard parted the red sea, Jesus who was a carpenter cured leprosy and rose from the dead on the 3rd day and became god himself, and Mohammad who was an illiterate man talked to god in a cave. Also, bear in mind that all these so called messengers of god were all alone when this happened, how convenient! Please note that there were and still are plant seeds and tree barks in the middle-east that people used to chew on, which had the same effect of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, and would hallucinate as a result. In a delusional state, you think you have spoken to god and all his relatives, so maybe these poor creatures who claimed they had spoken to god, really thought they actually had, but as wise people, should we believe someone delusional with strange claims such as I am the messenger of god, therefore, I have the right to marry anyone I want from the age of 9 (a child) to whatever? How many people are willing to listen to a child molester or a rapist today? I bet none, unless they are sick and need help. Then, why are we following a child molester from 1400 years ago? For the life of me, I have no idea how people justify it. Also, why women go for a book that encourages wife beating (soureh nesa) unless they are masochists who are married to sadists!

I think if there was a god, he would have found someone with some level of education and intelligence to spread his message and would not leave it to a Sheppard or a carpenter or a lazy man who was feeding off an older rich woman. If you believe any of this, then you believe anything.

I have noticed that quite a few have been ridiculing and complaining about Kamenei’s speech regarding Science and humanity not being compatible with Islamic doctrine. At the same time most people accept religion and do not question it and do not ask for a scientific proof of god or his so called messengers! So, what is the difference between what Khamenei is saying and those who have not followed reason and blindly followed religion? If we did not believe in all these mumbo jumbos that religion has fed us, we would not be in the situation we are in now and to start with we would not have allowed a drug addict and reactionary man like Khamenei become the supreme leader. We should accept some of the blame for our own ignorance.

6 پاسخ به “Religion, Mohammad, Crime, Humanity and Messengers of God

  1. When the mankind have intelligent mind that signposting the blind ways anywhere and anytime so what did need a messenger in the old era? Pay attention, Old era with a few territory and a little people and a shad change had been living many many messengers that has been quoted new messages and novelty but the new era with minutes changes situation no need the novelty message? So, finally the direct probing victory against the folly messangers.
    Dear Mina, thanks for this enlightened post

  2. چرا وبلاگ شما در لیست وبلاگ های ایرانی زبان انگلیسی نیست؟ داشتم به دنبال وبلاگ های ایرانی به زبان انگلیسی می گشتم که وبلاگ شما را دیدم. بازهم میام سر میزنم

    • I am note sure how to list my weblog as what you are suggesting. Please let me know how to go about it. Also, would you please let me know how you found out about my weblog? Thank you.

  3. I think for that time ( 1400 yrs ago ) Islam worked very well .
    imagine for a few seconds , when men found out their newborn baby was girl , they put them in graves !!! imagine how cruel they were !!
    but Mumhammed religion forbade them to do this sort of doings .
    but ofcourse now it won’t be useful at all, specially the orders that are related to execution or stoning and ETC …
    ( sorry for my mistakes 😉 )

    • Then why bother with Islam or any other religion for that matter? I have a fundamental problem with religion as a whole which is created by man to scam people. Maybe mohammad saved some girls but he was a hypocrite as he raped at least one child that we know of and thought because he was a messenger of god, he could have 40 wives. I don’t believe any sane father would allow someone with Mohammad description come anywhere near his daughter.

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